The Chicken Feed Podcast 1: Dawn of the Planet of the Podcast

The Terrifying Post-Apocalyptic Future is officially here. Why not relight the candle of haphazard sketch comedy and push back the darkness for 14 precious, defiant minutes of purported fun? ♥

This month we check in with the GameSkunk League of Legends World Championship panel, share a special message from the Transylvanian Tourism Board, and heed a chilling warning through time when Alastair receives a phone call from Alastair, Ten Years From Now.

This is the first episode of The Chicken Feed Podcast, a short monthly sketch comedy program(me). If you are a family member guilt-obliged to support us, or simply like what you hear, please consider:
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By Andrey Summers and Alastair Craig.
With additional voices by Tim Morrison, Fiona Revill and Gord Myren.
Produced by Alastair Craig.

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